Belasica wins “Vuko Karov” 2019 (Photo)

Belasica made a little surprise and won the XX edition of the “Vuko Karov” tournament, by defeating Rabotnichki with 2:0 and Tikvesh with 1:0.

photo by PhotoKav: the winning team posing with the trophy


In contrast to the previous years when the tournament was held in winter, the 2019 edition of “Vuko Karov” was held as an introduction to the upcoming football season, with three teams participating in the names of Belasica, Rabotnichki and Tikvesh. The three teams all played one game among each other, each match lasting 45 minutes.

The players of the three teams line-up before the beginning; photo: PhotoKav

In the first match, Belasica met Rabotnichki (the only club from the first league taking part in this tournament) and to a big surprise – Belasica defeated the favorites by 2:0 through the goals from Blagoj Istatov and Zoran Mitevski.

In the second 45 minutes Rabotnichki faced Tikvesh, which finished 2:1 in favour of the Romantics. The goals for Rabotnichki were scored by Filip Stojchevski and Serbian international Boško Papović, whereas the consolation goal for Tikvesh came from defender Metodija Delov.

Finally, the last game was to decide the winner. Hosts Tikvesh faced Belasica who needed only a draw to win the trophy. However, the visitors from Strumica ended up winning this game as well, through a goal from Daniel Radojchikj that brought them a 1:0 victory.

Results and final standings:
Belasica – Rabotnichki 2:0
Rabotnichki – Tikvesh 2:1
Tikvesh – Belasica 0:1

Belasica 2 2 0 0 3:0 6
Rabotnichki 2 1 0 1 2:3 3
Tikvesh 2 0 0 2 1:3 0

Aside from the trophy to the winning club Belasica, the organizers also presented an award for player of the tournament to Martin Mirchevski from Belasica. Meanwhile, Aleksandar Igeski from the hosts side Tikvesh was given the award for best goalkeeper of the tournament.

Martin Mirchevski gets the Best player award; photo: PhotoKav

Aleksandar Igeski (R) gets the Best goalkeeper award; photo: PhotoKav

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