Arena Sport buys 1.MFL TV rights, MRTV joins

Regional sports channel giant Arena Sport will broadcast matches live from each round of the Macedonian top flight will the same matches going to national channel MRTV as well.

photo by FFM: joint logo of 1.MFL and Arena Sport


FFM announced that they have reached a deal with Balkan sports channel Arena Sport. The deal says that two matches will be shown live per round with some of the Macedonian Cup games as well for a total income of 150.000. All those money will be given to the ten participating club in the 1.MFL, as previously agreed between FFM and the clubs. The contract between FFM and Arena is for the next two seasons. Arena beat Sportklub with a better offer.

Arena will hold the right to chose the kick-off of the match they want to broadcast and Macedonian clubs will have to accept it. One match will be broadcasted on Saturday, the other on Sunday.

Since Arena is not available to all citizens in Macedonia due to their monopolistic deal with a local telecommunications company, Macedonian national TV house MRTV joins this deal. MRTV will broadcast the same matches as Arena, but with commentary in Macedonian language. Arena will also broadcast in Macedonia, but also in Serbia, Croatian, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina so our clubs will eventually be presented in front of a larger audience.

The #ФудбалНаПрва initiative launched by Osogovo and latter supported by our site eventually got realized.

Muamed Sejdini, the president of FFM was quite satisfied by the accomplished deal and gave the following statement for Federation’s official web site: “After successfully negotiating, it is a pleasure that we have reached a deal regarding the TV right for the 1.MFL matches. We give the rights to Arena Sport. We send a big message by doing this. It is a message that our football is back on TV with live broadcasting, aware of our cooperation with Arena Sport as a leading regional sports channel as well as MRTV as a national broadcaster. Also, this is a big opportunity for the clubs, not only because they will now be freed of the participation fee, but because of much more, because of the attention they will receive and the chance of self promotion in every sense. By broadcasting our league on regional level increases their responsibilities, but also the one of the referees and everyone involved. Our task is to keep the image and values of our football and to work in order to make it better and more popular. FFM stays available for the clubs with the interest of promoting the domestic league. Only together we can show this region that in our country there are strong clubs, good players and quality football.”

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