Women: Macedonia to host Italy

Macedonian women national team hosts Italy in a qualifying match for FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Macedonia are rock-bottom with no points and only two goals scored in the 5 matches played so far in the second qualifying group for FIFA Women’s World Cup. Italy, on the other hand, are second in the standings with 13 points from 6 matches.

National team manager Dobre Dimovski has problems with creating the squad as Natasha Andonova who is by far the best player hasn’t been called up due to an injury. Macedonia is already having tough time with every opponent but this should further make the task tougher. Here is the list of called-up players:

Mileska Katerina, Arsova Marina, Krstanovska Simona, Andonova Sijche, Chakmakoska Elena, Kostova Dragana, Skerlevska Stefani, Arsova Olgica, Todorovska Monika, Veselinova Ana, Markovska Aleksandra, Atanasova Stankica, Jakovska Eli, Gjeorgjieva Aneta, Kostova Froska, Rochi Gentijana, Andreeva Lenche, Krivanjeva Nakshije and Mitrevska Tanja.

The match is scheduled for Thursday, 8th of May, at 14.00 CET and will take place at FFM’s headquarters in Skopje.

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