WCQ: Macedonia shocks Germany! (Video)

Unbelievable! Magnificent! Surreal! Macedonia has just defeated Germany on the road in the first meeting between the two. This is definitely the best result ever by out national football team.

photo by FFM: Macedonian celebration in Duisburg

Angelovski field a 3-5-2 formation, but something very similar to his standard 3-4-1-2. Dimitrievski on goal with Musliu, injury recovered Velkovski and Ristovski in the back line. In the midfield there were Elmas, Ademi and Bardhi, while Alioski left and surprisingly Nikolov on the right side. Pandev and Trajkovski were up front.

As expected, Germany started controlling the match right from the start. Knowing they are the better side when having the ball, Angelovski let the Germans play with his players patiently waiting their moment.

In the 9th minute Leon Goretzka could have broken the dead lock when he hit the crossbar. In the 27th minute Gnabry had a good chance, but Dimitrevski with his left leg denied a home lead.

Macedonia had a great opportunity 5 minutes before the break when Alioski took a free kick, was looking for Ademi who missed the header, but the ball went towards the home goal anyway with ter Stegen making a save into a corner.

The injury time was underway when Bardhi perfectly served Pandev in the box who with a tap in brought Macedonia a stunning lead.

Pandev score the opener; photo: UEFA

After the break it was similar play. Germany having the possession, but failing to make a serious threat. In the 62nd minute Alioski while making a block with a sliding tackle caught Sané enough for a penalty. Captain Gündoğan stepped in to convert the penalty equalizing on 1:1.

The equalizer did not give wings to the Germans. They did have a great scoring chance, but newly introduced Werner make a dummy move when alone with Dimitrievski, making an unbelievable miss.

In the 76th minute Bardhi took a corner kick and in the home box Can played with hand but somehow the referees failed to see that incident and Macedonia was denied a clear penalty.

And than, five minutes from time Ademi found Elmas in the home box who headed home for a new Macedonian lead.

The four time World Cup winner failed to score a second and escape a home defeat despite the 7 minutes of stoppage time given by the Russian referees. At the end, Macedonia took the points with a stunning result. This will definitely be a match that will never be forgotten and generations will retell it.


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Interesting facts regarding this match:

  • 117 appearance for Goran Pandev.
  • 64th different national team that Macedonia faced is Germany.
  • 45th cap for Kire Ristevski.
  • 40th match for keeper Stole Dimitrievski.
  • 37th goal for Goran Pandev.
  • 20th appearance for Arijan Ademi.
  • 6th goal for Elif Elmas.
  • 3rd defeat ever in a WC qualifier for Germany (1985 Portugal, 2001 England, 2021 Macedonia).
  • 1st time Elmas scores out of Skopje.

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