W Macedonia defeated again in Tbilisi (Video)

Macedonian women’s team was equal rival in the second test against Georgia, but still the Red Lynxes failed to achieve a good result at the Mikheil Meskhi 2 stadium.

photo by FFM

Maksuti hit the bar just twelve second after the start of the match. In 6th minute, Milchevska tackled Cheminava into the box and the referee pointed to the penalty spot. Bakradze took the penalty, but she missed the goal. 17th minute was playing when Tatuashvili scored the only goal after a free kick for Georgia. A controversial moment then occurred in the 21th minute, when a shot by Maksuti was not awarded as goal despite the ball bouncing off the crossbar and crossing the line. We saw a couple more chances in the first half on both sides.

In the second half, Sela took a great shot from the edge of the box, but Gabelaia saved the net. After a few more chances for both teams, Maksuti in 90th minute had a great chance to equalize, but Gabelaia did a great job again and managed to save.

Mikheil Meskhi 2 stadium in Tbilisi
Georgia – Macedonia 1:0 (1:0) 
Goals: 17′ Tamari Tatuashvili
Georgia: Svetlana Gabelaia; Tamari Tatuashvili (C), Mariam Kalandadze, Ana Pavliashvili (26′ Tinatin Ambalya) (86′ Lizi Mtserashvili), Nino Chkhartishvili, Natia Danelia, Ana Cheminava, Teona Bakradze (90′ Salomi Dimopoulou), Elene Enjibadze (46′ Salome Gasviani), Anastasia Bolkvadze, Nino Bukhrikidze. Coach: Iris Antman
Macedonia: Vedrana Komnenova (46′ Kristina Pavlovska); Sara Evtindjioska, Kristina Mojsoska, Elena Paneska (46′ Slagjana Gjorgjieva), Ana Milchevska, Radica Velkova (72′ Radica Choneva), Olivera Cokleska, Ikmete Limani, Ulza Maksuti (C), Jovana Pavlovska (64′ Kristina Petrushevska), Vesa Sela. Coach: Kiril Izov


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