Visa issue delays return of Mo Idrissou

Shkendija finally addressed the reason for the absence of Mohammadou “Mo” Idrissou over the past couple of games.

During the international break in late March, striker Mohammadou Idrissou returned to Germany where he spent the majority of his career. However, problems with his visa are preventing his return to Macedonia at this time. That is the reason he has missed the previous two games for Shkendija (will become three since Idrissou will not be available for Tuesday’s game versus Metalurg).

Mohammadou Idrissou

Shkendija did announce that they expect Idrissou to resolve his visa issue in the near issue, so he can return to Tetovo to rejoin the team. On Tuesday, Shkendija will rely on Bojan Vručina and Hristijan Kirovski as the main two strikers for the Metalurg tilt. Whether Idrissou returns in time for the weekend clash against Rabotnichki remains to be seen.

The match between Shkendija and Metalurg will conclude Round 24 in Macedonia. Shkendija needs a win to move back into third place, a spot now occupied by Renova after their string of good results.

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