Moment of the match between Renova and Gomel

UEFA EL: Renova – Gomel 0:2

Moment of the match between Renova and GomelRenova lost 0:2 in the first leg of the second qualification round of the UEFA Europa League against Gomel.

Gomel was the favorite in the match, but Renova had hoped to pull off a surprise.  However, the Belarusian side proved too strong for the Macedonian Cup winners and celebrated a 0:2 road win.  With this, they have given Renova slim chances of advancing to the next round of the competition.

Argjent Gafuri had a great opportunity for Renova in the 9th minute, but Gomel’s keeper made a nice save to keep the game scoreless.  Ten minutes later, Vadim Demidovich opened the scoring to give Gomel the 0:1 lead.  Gomel had another good chance around the 24th minute but Igor Vornkov missed the target.  Just before halftime, Tomasz Nowak, who assisted the first goal, doubled Gomel’s lead.

During the 2nd half, Gomel controlled the match and did not allow many opportunities for Renova.  Gomel is returning to Belarus with a 0:2 lead and stands in good position to get to the next qualification round.

Milano Stadium in Kumanovo
Renova – Gomel 0:2
Hubert Siejewicz (POL)
Renova: Zendeli, Siljanovski, Simovski, Ristov (
46′ Asani), Stepanovski, Bajrami, Nuhi, Skenderi, Gafuri, Pandev (46′ Ismaili), Janchevski (63′ Andonov).
Ostojić, Voronkov (71′ Yevseyenko), Matveychik, Kirilchik, Kashevski, Kozeka, Klimovich, Levitski, Nowak (68′ Timoshenko), Platonov, Demidovich (84′ Yakhno).
Goalscorers: Demidovich 20′, Nowak 39′ (G)
Yellow cards: Stepanovski (R) – Nowak, Demidovich, Matveychik (G)


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