U21: Macedonia – Gibraltar 6:1

The youth national team of Macedonia ended the 2019 EURO qualifiers with a home win over Gibraltar and with 7 points finished second-to-last on the final standings.

photo: moment of the game

The young Lynx had to beat Gibraltar in order to have a revenge for the defeat on the road game exactly one year and six days ago. In that match Gibraltar scored the only goal in these qualifiers so far clinching the only points. That is still their only positive achievement. Today they managed to score their second goal and again against Macedonia.

Macedonia early broke the visiting defense. In the 11th minute Mitrovski took a free kick from right and server Rufati in the box who scored from a close range after a Coombes missed the ball.

Twenty two minutes later Mitrovski doubled the lead. This time Gjorgjev perfectly assisted sending him a deep pass. Mitrovski was quicker than the Gibraltar defense and could not miss one on one with keeper Bradley.

Just three minutes after the break Macedonia added a third goal. Visiting captain Torilla tripped Mitrovski outside of the box and Zdravkovski scored on the following free kick. The ball hit the wall and changed direction leaving Bradley no chance to intervene.

Gibraltar pulled one back in the 63rd minute thanks a comic mistake by keeper Jankov. Coomes sent a long ball from his own half, Jankov went outside the box to kick it on a header but managed to miss it allowing Clinton to score on an empty net.

Just three minutes later Gjorgjev brought back the three goals lead on an assist by Trapanovski. From this moment Macedonia announced that it would record a high-scoring win. In the 71st minute Todoroski perfectly served Mitrovski, while two minutes later Mitrovski celebrated a hat-trick by scoring a great goal for 6:1. That goal happened to be the last of this match.

To view the match report simply click here.

Despite the win Macedonia remained on the 5th place only above Gibraltar. The record of 2 wins, 1 draw and 7 defeats makes these qualifiers highly unsuccessful having in mind that it comes after the previous generations reached a historic spot at the 2017 EURO. Click here to see the standings.

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