U21 EURO qualification pots announced

U21 EUROSurprisingly Macedonia is again in the 4th pot despite the good results in the last qualifications.

UEFA announced the pots for the qualification groups for the 2015 U21 EURO that will be held in the Czech Republic. Same like for the last qualifications, Macedonia remains in the fourth pot. If back than that wasn’t surprise, now the Macedonian fans expected the national team to jump and to be in the third pot thanks to the recent good results. Not just that Macedonia is in the fourth pot, but it’s ranked second to last in the same pot, only ahead of Latvia.

Pot A: Spain, England, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, France, Sweden, Israel

Pot B: Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Scotland, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Belarus, Wales

Pot C: Greece, Slovakia, Belgium, Hungary, Armenia, Croatia, Norway, Montenegro, Finland, Slovenia

Pot D: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Poland, Georgia, Iceland, Moldova, Ireland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Macedonia, Latvia

Pot E: Northern Ireland, Albania, Faroe Islands, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Malta, Luxembourg, Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino

The draw will take place on 31 January in Nyon, Switzerland. The teams will be drawn into ten qualifying groups, two of six teams and eight of five. Each pool will contain one side apiece from the five seeding pots, except Groups 1 and 2 which will feature two teams from Pot E. Group stage matches can get under way from 22 March. The ten group winners and the four best runners-up will advance to the play-offs to determine the seven sides destined for the showpiece event. Players born in 1992 or after will be eligible for the tournament.

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