U21: Draw against Armenia and a win against Malta

The young Macedonians had there last friendlies of the season 2022/23 and were able to beat Malta 4:0 after a 1:1 draw against Armenia.

photo by FFM: Andrej Stojchevski (R) in the match against Armenia

Both games took place in Macedonia’s capital city Skopje on the pitch of the Petar Miloshevski training centre. The following 24 players were called up:

Ivan Nikoloski, Marko Alchevski, Vasko Vasilev and Stefan Tasev

Metodi Maksimov, Mario Richkov, Andrej Stojchevski, Stefan Despotovski, Imran Fetai, Mihail Dimitrievski and Viktor Krstevski

Ivan Nikolov, Hamza Ramani, Dimitar Todorovski, Reshat Ramadani, Matej Angelov and Aleks Zlatkov

Dimitar Trajkov, Mario Ilievski, Luan Abazi, Hristijan Maleski, Behar Feta, Martin Talakov and Vane Krstevski

For the first game against Armenia coach Dragi Kanatlarovski fielded Ivan Nikoloski on goal, Metodi Maksimov, Stefan Despotovski, Andrej Stojchevski and Mario Richkov in defense, captain Ivan Nikolov, Hamza Ramani and Aleks Zlatkov in midfield, while Martin Talakov, Luan Abazi and debutant Dimitar Trajkov were in attack. Furthermore Dimitar Todorovski, Behar Feta, Mario Ilievski, Imran Fetai, Reshat Ramadani, Vasko Vasilev, Viktor Krstevski, Mihail Dimitrievski, Matej Angelov and Hristijan Maleski entered the game during the second half. Macedonia opened the score in the 30th minute with the goal of Luan Abazi after an assist by right back Metodi Maksimov. The visitors equalized in the 53rd minute through Nicholas Kaloukian.

In the game against Malta, Kanatlarovski decided to start with Marko Alchevski, Metodi Maksimov, Imran Fetai, Stefan Despotovski, Andrej Stojchevski, Hamza Ramani, Ivan Nikolov, Dimitar Todorovski, Behar Feta, Aleks Zlatkov and Mario Ilievski. The score was opened early in the 10th minute by Hamza Ramani, Dimitar Todorovski scored the second goal just six minutes later, the third goal was netted by Andrej Stojchevski in the 53rd minute, while the last goal was scored in the 86th minute by Luan Abazi.

After this two games and the friendlies before coach Dragi Kanatlarovski probably has already on mind most of the players he will count on seriously for the games of the qualifications for the 2025 U21 EURO.

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