U21: Azerbaijan – Macedonia 0:1

Macedonia managed to better themselves in the second game against Azerbaijan and got a minimal victory, brought by an own goal from great distance by the Azerbaijani captain, as well as by Risto Jankov who managed to save a penalty to deny Azerbaijan from an equalizer.

photo by AFFA: Mihail Manevski makes a sliding tackle on Fərid Nəbiyev

Our coaching duo made four changes in the starting squad compared to the first encounter 3 days ago. Center back and goal scorer of the first game Filip Trajanovski was now replaced by Agron Rufati, right back Todor Todoroski was replaced with Vane Jovanov, whereas Kristian Trajcheski and Darko Churlinov got a chance from the start on the places of Imeri and Trapanovski.

Macedonia started the game much better than the first encounter 3 days ago, immediately taking control of the game and dominating the ball possession by going forward and leaving little room for Azerbaijan to threaten. In the 21th minute Macedonia eventually managed to score through a header by Nehar Sadiki (after a free kick delivered by captain Zdravkovski) but it was immediately disallowed due to offside.

However, only 5 minutes later in a rather quiet and not dangerous situation when Azerbaijan had the ball in the middle of the field, Azeri defender Anton Krivotsyuk made an unnecessary and terrible pass back towards the goalkeeper which resulted in a spectacular own goal from a great distance.

Macedonia managed to create numerous more chances during the first half through Churlinov, Ristovski, Trajcheski and Milovanovikj but they failed to score. The second half was then more evened out as Azerbaijan showed more effort in equalizing, but overall it lacked good quality chances.

Keeper Risto Jankov is about to take a goal kick

In the 80th minute the referee awarded Azerbaijan a penalty after Agron Rufati unintentionally played with his hand in the penalty box, but Risto Jankov saved the penalty and assured Macedonia’s victory.

Dalğa Arena in Baku Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan – Macedonia Macedonia 0:1 (0:1)
Goals: 26′ (og) Anton Krivotsyuk
Azerbaijan: 22. Nicat Mehbalyev; 3. Anton Krivotsyuk (C), 13. Murad Qayalı (46′ 26. Faiq Hacıyev), 2. Amin Seydiyev, 18. Ricat Qarayev (66′ 27. Ərziman Rizvanov), 9. Ruslan Hacıyev (46′ 23. Ziya Əzizov), 28. Şakir Seyidov (46′ 20. Kamran Əliyev), 21. Rüstəm Nuriyev (66′ 25. Təbriz Xubanov), 19. Famil Camalov (46′ 10. İsmayıl İbrahimli), 15. Əli Sadıxov (46′ 7. Fərid Nəbiyev), 8. Rafael Məhərrəmli (56′ 17. Ozan Can Kökcü).
Macedonia: 1. Risto Jankov; 3. Mihail Manevski (90+1′ 2. Todor Todoroski), 20. Agron Rufati, 5. Nehar Sadiki (72′ 15. Oliver Stoimenovski), 18. Vane Jovanov; 10. Davor Zdravkovski (C), 8. Jani Atanasov (66′ 4. Mile Todorov); 14. Darko Churlinov (81′ 11. Omar Imeri), 21. Kristian Trajcheski (87′ 9. Kristijan Trapanovski), 17. Daniel Milovanovikj (66′ 16. Marko Ferukoski); 7. Milan Ristovski (90+1′ 6. Stefan Bogdanovski).
Yellow cards: Əzizov (A) – Ristovski, Rufati (M)
Red cards: /

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