U19 Cup final: Shkendija beats Rabotnichki on penalties

Another youth cup trophy for Shkendija as they defeated Rabotnichki in the U19 category, this time on penalties after no goals were scored from active play.

photo by KF Shkendija: the players pose with the trophy

Shkendija celebrated the second cup trophy today. After beating Pelister in the U18 final earlier today, later they were luckier than Rabotnichki on penalty kicks in the U19 cup final.

The game was goalless throughout the entire 90 minutes with little chances on both sides. The red and black team was strengthened with Fazlagikj and Zejnulai who often appear for the senior team but are still eligible in this category. When the game went into the penalty series, all five takers for Shkendija scored (Fazlagikj, Zejnulai, Ljuma, Ramadani and Aliti), while Rabotnichki converted four shots (Koleski, Petrevski, Panovski and Simonovski) while decisive was Martin Petrovski’s shot that got saved by keeper Artan Iljazi.

Atina Bojadji stadium in Ohrid Macedonia
Rabotnichki – Shkendija 0:0 (4:5 p.s.o.)
Goals: /
Rabotnichki: 12. Berk Hodjin; 2. Borjan Panovski, 3. Kristijan Dodevski, 4. Stefan Simonovski, 5. Evgenij Kostadinov (C), 6. Rinor Ajdini, 16. Armin Sejfikj (81′ 14. Filip Sazdov), 7. Ljavdrim Fazliju, 22. Stefan Koleski, 17. Damjan Petrevski, 10. Martin Petrovski.
Shkendija: 1. Artan Iljazi; 2. Arlind Aliti, 3. Muharem Mislimi, 4. Enis Fazlagikj, 5. Ilber Bekiri, 6. Ardit Osmani, 7. Ensar Ljuma, 8. Besart Redjepi (75′ 22. Gazmend Ljoki), 9. Alban Rasimi (70′ 17. Djenis Ibraimi), 10. Arbin Zejnulai (C), 11. Florent Ramadani.
Yellow cards: /
Red cards: /
Referee: Marjan Gocevski (Strumica)


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