U15: Macedonia finished last at Vlatko Marković tournament

Macedonian U15 national team finished last at the Vlatko Marković memorial tournament in Croatia.

photo by HNS: the Croatian captain with the trophy

In today’s match our team lead by coach Nedjat Shabani played goalless draw against Albania but the young Albanians won 4:3 on penalties. It was a disappointing performance for our team at this tournament and there is a lot of work in front of them in the future.

Croatia is the winner of the tournament after beating Russia in the final match.

7 May, Lučko Croatia
Albania Albania – Macedonia Macedonia 0:0 (4:3 p.s.o.)
Albania: Koçi, Selmani (54′ Ferraj), Çela, Damini, Belloj, O’Boyle (44′ Metaj), Jaku (54′ Meçe), Kurti, Isufi, Bode (64′ Iftica), Laze (44′ Koleci).
Macedonia: no info

Croatia Croatia – Russia Russia 5:3 pen (1:1)

3-4 place
Belarus Belarus – Lithuania Lithuania 1:0

5-6 place
Bulgaria Bulgaria – Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina 1:3

Final standings
1. Croatia Croatia
2. Russia Russia
3. Belarus Belarus
4. Lithuania Lithuania
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina
6. Bulgaria Bulgaria
7. Albania Albania
8. Macedonia Macedonia

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