Trajkovski free to look for another team

Trajkovski (L) is free to leave Zulte WaregemZulte Waregem has informed Aleksandar Trajkovski that he may look for a new club before the end of the summer transfer market.

The 22-year-old Aleksandar Trajkovski returned to Zulte Waregem this season after spending the 2013-14 campaign on loan at Mechelen.  However, Trajkovski’s playing time was once again up and down at Zulte Waregem as he was not able to win the trust of manager Francky Dury.  Thus, Trajkovski was recently informed that he may look for another club.

Prominent Belgian newspaper HLN reported that one Belgian team (believed to be Mechelen) and two unnamed foreign clubs have expressed interest in Trajkovski once it became clear that he was expendable at Zulte Waregem.  A good offer is still needed to acquire Aleksandar, but both sides would benefit from a split.  Trajkovski can go to a new place where he is wanted, while Zulte Waregem can receive some money for the player.

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