Tikvesh starts preparations with 6 signings

With promotion ambitions, the Kavadarci based club started the preparations for the new seasons revealing six new players.

photo by GFK Tikvesh: 5 of the newcomers (from left: Dimovski, Digalovski, Mitrev, Igeski, Chavoli)

Under manager Ljupcho Dimitkovski, Tikvesh started the ambitious plan for getting back in the Macedonian top flight. The board so far brought six new players that should be good enough to make Tikvesh fight for the top, unlike last season when the team lost step with the top right from the beginning.

Darko Digalovski (21yo defender from Bregalnica), Andrian Chavoli (21yo attacker from Gorno Lisiche), Vasko Mitrev (34yo defensive midfielder, comes as free agent), Aleksandar Igeski (26yo keeper from Osogovo), Borche Dimovski (18yo, from Metalurg U19) and Aleksandar Varelovski (30yo right back from Akademija Pandev) are the reinforcements.

Half of these players (Mitrev, Dimovski and Varelovski) are natives of Kavadarci.

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