Doriev summoned by Angelovski

Ljupcho Doriev has been added to the national team as three players got released.

photo by Petr Stojanovski / FFM: training of the national team in Tbilisi

National team coach decided to make some changes in the squad for the last two Nations League matches. Injured Arijan Ademi, hero Goran Pandev and suspended keeper Stole Dimitrievski are released to get back in their teams. Pandev could have stayed, but it was decided to give him a well deserved rest. Dimitrievski could have also stayed as he is suspended only for one game, but he as well got released.

Igor Angelovski wanted these three to be replaced by three players from the U21 national team. Keeper Risto Jankov, right back Todor Todoroski and winger Darko Churlinov got promoted, but after few hours they went sent back to the U21 national team. That happened as some of their teammates got COVID-19 positive tests and Milervski could not afford to lose other players as well. The U21 play the last qualifier against Montenegro on Tuesday.

Since Angelovski needs players, he summoned winger Ljupcho Doriev for the matches against Estonia and Armenia.

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