Six Metalurg players handed 6-month suspensions

Metalurg players train; photo: FK MetalurgFFM announced a six-month suspension for six Metalurg players because they refused to train or play in a game.

Viktor Angelov, Naumche Bakracheski, Darko Ilieski, Stefan Jevtoski, Filip Ristovski, Davor Taleski and Dejan Tanturovski will miss the whole second half-season as they are the players taht were given a six-month slong suspension. The suspension starts from 26 November 2015 and that means that will end on 26 May 2016 when the season in Macedonia will already end.

Not just these players, but many more were on a strike since 26 November 2016 when due to unpaid salaries they decided not to attend training sessions. Later they even refused to play the First League Round 16 home encounter against Tarnovo which resulted in a suspension by their club and a report in the Federation. Recently the FFM announced that all the players have the right to leave the club as Metalurg did not pay them, but today FFM added another decision, this time against these six players.

Since by not appearing in training sessions and especially by not playing a game the players broke some article of their contracts, they are guilty. The FFM suspended Viktor Angelov (ST, 21y), Naumche Bakracheski (DM, 19y), Darko Ilieski (CB, 20y), Stefan Jevtoski (DM, 18y), Filip Ristovski (RB, 21y), Davor Taleski (GK, 20y) and Dejan Tanturovski for six months, a period in which they are forbiden to play football anywhere. This is also bad for the youth national teams as Angelov and Ristovski are part of the u21, while Jevtoski and taleski play for the U19s. Additional problem is that Bakracheski, Ilieski and Taleski already signed for Mladost, Turnovo and Bregalnica, but will be allowed only to train with their new clubs if they decide to keep them.

Ten players already left Metalurg among which three of these, so in total the club is already without 13 players. They already said that will play with players from their youth academy since the club has financial problems and having in mind that they are bottom-placed, we can easily proclaim that Metalurg will be relegated.

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