The circus continues

 The circus called Macedonian football continued today when the the 2 play-out matches were supposed to be played. The match between Tetovo's city rivals Teteks and Shkendija didn't even started and Skopje-Sileks match started with big delay because of the double officials.

{mosgoogle} A lot has been written before on about the problems in the Macedonian Football Federation. That was the reason for an Initiative committee for changes in the FFM to be formed by some of Macedonias former best players, referees and coaches. Couple of weeks ago on a congress organized by the Initiative Committee for changes (with questionable legitimacy according to the leadership headed by Haralampie Hadzi-Risteski), the whole leadership was changed and a new one was named, leaded by the president Emil Bozinovski (former best Macedonian referee).


The former leadership named the cities that were supposed to host and also the officials (referees and delegates) for the play-out matches. But on couple of days before the matches, the new leadership of the Macedonian Football Federation named new officials for both matches and also named Skopje as the city to host the match between Teteks and Shkendija.

And the circus started today when on 3 different stadiums in Macedonia, 4 teams appeared and there were double officials on both matches named by both leaders. The referees were arguing between them self on the stadium in Bitola about the leading role on the match between Sileks and Skopje. With 30 minute delay the match started, ruled by the referees named by the new leadership of FFM. The result of the match is in complete shade of the events, but it's our turn to inform you that Sileks won with 2:1 over Skopje.

The match between the city rivals from Tetovo, Tekeks and Shkendija didn't even started. The players of Teteks together with the officials named by the new leadership went in Skopje and Shkendija's team together with the officials named by the old leadership stayed in Tetovo. The fans of Teteks have already started to celebrate because of the rumors that they will be awarded with the win, so Teteks and Sileks would be the teams who will play in the Macedonian First League next season, but this definitely is not going to be the final decision. Too bad that probably UEFA and FIFA will bring the final decision and that decision will be suspension for Macedonia from all international competitions.

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