Team of the month - September

Team of the month – September

Team of the month - SeptemberAfter reviewing the performances of Macedonian football players over the month of September, we put a list of the best starting 11 during that span. We compiled stats such as games played, goals, assists and clean sheets to determine which players deserved to be on the team.

After many leagues got underway, we are back with our regular team of the month selections.  We have decided to stick with 4-2-3-1 formation for this month as has been done several times in the past.


Tome Pachovski
Between Pachovski and Martin Bogatinov, we have decided to select the former.  Pachovski played in three times, conceded two goals and led his team to two victories, while Bogatinov played 3 times, conceded 5 goals and got only one point with his club.

Daniel Georgievski
The right back position was easily awarded to Daniel Georgievski. He featured in three league victories, was part of Steaua’s 2:2 draw against Stuttgart in the Europa League and played well for Macedonia during the national team matches.  He also recently secured a two and a half year contract extension with the Romanian club.

Nikolche Noveski
One of the center back positions for September was without question reserved to Noveski. He scored a goal for Macedonia and noted two wins, both clean sheets, in four Bundesliga matches with Mainz.

Vanche Shikov
For the second CB position, the choice was between Shikov and Grncharov. Grncharov had slightly better stats, but the quality of the competition hurt his chances.  Shikov plays in a much better league in Ukraine and that gave him the slight advantage over Grncharov. Despite Boban’s game winning goal for Botev Plovdiv, their other numbers were pretty similar.

Aleksandar Lazevski
Partizan’s left back was another easy choice on the team as he was part of a Partizan team that noted 3 wins in league play and another scoreless draw in the Europa League.

Muhamed Demiri
Thun’s midfielder was also one of the relatively easy choices as he played well for the Macedonian national team, won with this club team in the domestic cup and also noted two wins in the league season.

Vladimir Petreski
We had several options in mind for this position but in the end we have decided to go with Napredok’s Vladimir Petreski. Born in 1991, he was one of the few bright spots in what was otherwise a bad season for 11 Oktomvri last year.  Napredok signed him this summer and he quickly found himself on the first team.  In September, he played in four games, three of them as starter, and compiled one goal and two assists. Shumulikoski, Randjelovic, Stjepanovikj were also considered but taking everything into consideration, we felt Petreski was the most deserving choice.

Agim Ibraimi
Ibraimi scored a goal and helped his team win in the Europa League against Panathinaikos and kept his regular good form in the league so he was given the nod at the right wing position.

Goran Pandev
Without a doubt, the offensive midfielder position will be held by Goran Pandev. We are seeing more and more of the old Pandev in Napoli as he is in good physical shape and playing with confidence.

David Babunski
We have never chosen a player who competes for a youth team of a club, but let’s be honest – we have never had a player who has played for the youth team of Barcelona. Babunski was easily one of the best players for the U21 national team during the two important qualifiers, although he was at least three years younger then most of the players on the pitch. He also played for Barcelona in NextGen Series, and added a goal in league competition as well.

Jovan Kostovski
The striker has scored 5 goals for Vardar during September, his club went undefeated during the period so we have decided to include him as the second player from the domestic championship for the team of the month in September.

Team of the Month for September 2012

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