Stole surpasses Miloshevski as most capped NT keeper

Stole Dimitrievski on Thursday against Malta surpassed late Petar Miloshevski and is now most capped national team goalkeeper in the Macedonian football history.

photo by FFM

The European qualifier was special for Macedonian #1 Stole Dimitrievski. For the 60th time he wore the keeper’s top with the national emblem and became the most capped keeper for his country.

To achieve this he had to pass legendary keeper Petar Miloshevski. Miloshevski could not witness Stole’s achievement – earlier this month was the 7 anniversary of his tragic death. But as humble he was, we are sure that he would have been very happy for Stole. And maybe he is, watching us from beyond.

“He encouraged, initiated, united. He was special. A special person. Tonight I defended the goal at my 60th match for the Macedonian national team. Honestly, I am happy for this achievement, but deep inside I will always remember the 59 matches with Petar between the posts. Eternal glory to you, our Pece. Tonight we all played for you as well” – said Dimitrievski after the match.

Miloshevski has one more appearance, but it is a non official match against Spanish province of Basque Country.

List of every keeper capped by Macedonia:

Stole Dimitrievski (60)
Petar Miloshevski (59)
Tome Pachovski (46)
Jane Nikoloski (27)
Dancho Celeski (22)
Martin Bogatinov (18)
Edin Nuredinoski (14)
Antonio Filevski (10)
Gogo Jovchev (8)
Damjan Shishkovski (8)
Goce Grujoski (7)
Kire Trajchev (7)
Kristijan Naumovski (7)
Orhej Nikolov (5)
Muarem Zekir (4)
Filip Madjovski (3)
Sasha Ilikj (3)
Zoran Micevski (3)
Andreja Efremov (2)
Kostadin Zahov (1)
David Mitov Nilsson (1)
Darko Tofiloski (1)
Ljupcho Kmetovski (1)
Dejan Iliev (1)
Igor Aleksovski (1)

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