Statements before Malta – Macedonia

The statements of Edin Nuredinoski, Nikola Gligorov and Maltese national team coach about tonights game.

Goalkeeper Edin Nuredinoski:
“After two mounts the national team is gathering again and the athmosphere is great. This is a preparation for Slovakia and I am expecting a win against Malta that will allow us to keep our winning form and will fill ourselves  with confidence so we will be ready for the begining of the EURO 2012 qualifications. I think that most important in the start and if we manage to get good results against Slovakia and Armenia, we could make our dreams come true.”

Debutant Nikola Gligorov:
“I got the call from the national team coach at the airport in Manchester, right after the game with Liverpool and I needed a few moments to understand what had just happened. That was my best phonecall ever. This summer only good things hapen in my career and I am still under impressions. I am so happy that I am part of the Macedonian national team and I will give everything on every training and especialy on the game to justify the confidence that was put on me and to maintain the spot in the national team. I was well accepted by the other players that I already know, but for the first time we are in this situation. I am expecting a good game and a win over Malta to continue our winning streak.”

John Buttigieg, coach of Malta:
“This match is important in the team’s build-up to the EURO matches against Israel and Latvia during the first week of September. Every match is important for our team and the players will give their best for their country, especially in this match where the players have to muster all their concentration and believe they can obtain a good result, more so when they play at home. Unfortunately, UEFA has decided the group matches to start very early in the season when most of the domestic championships have not yet started. Had these first matches been scheduled for October I would have had the opportunity to have my units in better competitive trim. However, this is also applicable to the other teams, this match and the competitive ones which follow will herald a positive season where we have a very stiff programme. It will be a challenge for my players in their bid to perform to the best of their abilities and obtain positive results.”

The statements are taken from FFM and MFA web sites.

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