Spectacular assist by Gjurovski (Video)

Muangthong United concluded the 2013 season in Thailand with a 2:2 draw against Chainat, with Mario Gjurovski providing both assists, including a spectacular assist for their first goal.

The 2013 league season in Thailand concluded today with the playing of the 32nd and final round.  Mario Gjurovski’s club Muangthong United clinched second place on the standings, regardless of today’s result.  Gjurovski started in attacking midfield for his team and played all 90 minutes in the 2:2 draw against Chainat.

Mario did not a score a goal but did provide both assists for his team in the 18th and 86th minute, the first one being a spectacular assist.  Gjurovski showed good vision, then utilized his left foot to send a perfectly placed high pass over the opposing defenders, culminating in a goal by his teammate Chitchanok Xaysensourinthone.  In the 86th minute, meanwhile, Gjurovski sent a right footed cross to Dagno Siaka who scored the second goal for Muangthong United to level the score at 2:2.

The first (at 1:13) and second (at 2:38) assists by Gjurovski:

After the game, Muangthong United’s leading scorer for the season, Teerasil Dangda, announced that he will be moving to Spanish side Atlético Madrid.  Could Gjurovski also be on his way to a transfer?  He is widely considered one of the top players in Thailand, but Mario could use another challenge in a more competitive league.  Gjurovski turns 28 in December so it might be time for him to move as well.

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