Shkupi shocks Shkendija in Round 3 postponed match (Video)

Moment of the game; photo: FC ShkupiShkupi managed to beat Shkendija in Tetovo as the postponed game of Round 3 eventually took place.

Seems like the home derby loss against Vardar left deeply wounds in the team of Shkendija. Today they hosted Shkupi in what was a postponed game that was originally scheduled for August 21, but because of Shkendija’s Europa League adventure had to be moved.

Shkendija failed to find the back of the visiting net, same as in their Sunday’s derby with Vardar. The winner was decided in the 74th minute when Ermedin Adem scored with a half bicycle kick for Shkupi, bringing his team valuable 3 points.

Shkendija: 12. Jovanovski; 95. Menendez, 6. Cuculi, 88. Vujcic, 77. Todorovski; 5. Alimi, 8. Totre (46′ 29. Asani), 19. Bojku (64′ 32. Haberkorn); 10. Hasani (C), 18. Stenio Junior, 7. Ibraimi.
Shkupi: 1. Zendeli (C); 22. Asani, 23. Lazarevski, 6. Adili, 4. Malikji; 18. Osmani, 10. Iseni, 20. Adem (90′ 11. Lambin), 5. Bajrami, 7. Kadriu (72′ 8. Zuka); 17. Traore (59′ 14. Janevski).

With a win Shkendija could have gotten only 2 points away from leaders Vardar, but now they will have to dela with a situation of -5. Interestingly, now on Sunday Shkupi will welcome Shkendija in a regular Round 11 match.

Round 3 postponed match:

Shkendija – Shkupi 0:1 (0:0)
74′ Ermedin Adem

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