Shkendija 77 & Butel promoted to 3.MFL North (Video)

Shkendija 77 and Butel are winners of the play-offs for filling the 3.MFL North after beating Kul and Pchinja on penalties.

photo by Filip Zdraveski: moment of Butel – Pchinja

Shkendija 77, the flawless winners of 4.MFL Gazi Baba, on Saturday faced the winners of 4.MFL Kisela Voda, the team of Kul, who was almost as perfect as them in its group recording only one defeat.

The match was pretty even with both teams creating few chances, but no goals were scored and the match had to be decided on penalties. The Shkendija players converted all five shots, while one Kul player missed a penalty which decided the winner.

Shkendija last time played in the North back in the 2014/15 season when they got disqualified. After that the club dissolved and was reactivated last summer.

Kul – Shkendija 77 0:0 (4:5 p.s.o.)

The penalties:

The penalty shoot-out:

Kul 4 5
Shkendija 77
Stefan Zdraveski X O Senad Sali
Kristijan Tenovski O O Rufat Chalafi
Stefan Stojanovski O O Sevim Aljii
Gorazd Popov O O Rahim Ismaili
Milan Ristovski O O Jasir Bekjiri


The second play-off took place on Sunday at the same venue (Boris Trajkovski stadium). Butel, the winners of 4.MFL Skopje faced the winners of 4.MFL Kumanovo, Pchinja. Pchinja was the better side, creating many chances, hitting the bar twice, but never managed to score. Butel finished the match with 9 men after their players started to make many fouls.

The match went into penalties where after being 4:4 in the opening series, the two goalkeepers came in turn. The Butel keeper saved Pchinja’s keeper shot and then converted his, sending Butel into the third division. Last time this club was in the 3rd division was in the season 2012/13 when stopped participating on half-season. On the other hand, Pchinja missed a historic chance for the first time to reach that level.

Butel – Pchinja 0:0 (8:7 p.s.o.)

The decisive penalty:

The penalty shoot-out:

Butel 8 7
Ali Osmani O O Nikolche Stojanovski
Riat Mustafi O O Ljubomir Trpevski
Ardit Tachi X O Boban Stojanovski
Erduan Mucha O X Vladimir Mitrichki
Fejmi Biljali O O Urosh Shikmanovikj
Jeton Darlishta O O Boban Manevski
Tarkan Saiti O O Zharko Savevski
Albilkadr Murati O O Kristijan Kiprijanovski
Jilmaz Shkodrikji O X Trajche Nikolovski

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