Several players leave Napredok

A number of players have departed struggling First League side Napredok which seems destined for relegation.

Napredok‘s best players have either already left or on the verge of leaving. With the club’s current situation, it would take some sort of a miracle for Napredok to avoid relegation from the top division in Macedonia.

As a reminder, Riste Markoski has joined Bregalnica, Dejan Cvetanoski will continue with Horizont Turnovo, Marko Raičević and Đorđe Krkeljić, the Montenegrin footballers, have returned home, while Pece Korunovski, Toni Veljanoski and Igor Klechkaroski have joined Third League South-West side Mladost Carev Dvor. Additionally, Hristijan Dimoski has also left the club, but his next destination is still unknown at this time.

Napredok will likely rely on younger players to step up and build some experience. The club still hasn’t announced when they will start their winter preparations.

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