Sejdini elected as 5th FFM president

Muamed Sejdini has been officially elected as the new president of the Football federation of Macedonia after he won the absoluth majority of the votes during Sunday’s general assembly.

photo by FFM: Sejdini is being congratulated by Davor Šuker

Sejdini already acted as president since Ilcho Gjorgjioski stepped down in May 2018. He was also vice-president in the last part of the era of Gjorgjioski. On Sunday he was officially given the presidential mandate as 82 of the 96 delegates voted for him, with 6 being absent. He will be in charge of FFM until 2021 when new elections will take place.

On the General assembly present were members of both UEFA and FIFA. Former Croat star player Davor Šuker was present as member of the UEFA’s Executive committee, while Heidi Beha was present in the name of FIFA. Also, present were Sasho Popovski as general secretary of the Macedonian Olympic committee and Gazmend Ristemi who is vice-president of the Agency for Youth and Sport.

Presidents of FFM:

Ljubisav Ivanov “Dzingo” (1993-1999)
Lambe Arnaudov (1999-2000)
Haralampie “Hari” Hadjiristeski (2002-2012)
Ilcho Gjorgjioski (2012-2018)
Muamed Sejdini (2019-)


  1. Reply Post By Stephen Gushev

    Is this for real? This is honestly an embarrassment that we now have an Albanian as our president of our own Football Federation. What a joke some of the people in power are letting this country become. Shameless cowards. I don’t care to hear any of you by the way come and tell me how a bunch of our guys on our team are Macedonian and Albanian. That’s great that they represent us proudly and I appreciate that. But what I even don’t appreciate is when I hear that some of these guys don’t even speak the language or know the anthem and that’s not right if you’re representing that country, that needs to change.

    1. Gushev do you for real thing we care what you Bulgarians think..
      N. Macedonia is not Bulgarian and stop with your ugly dreams

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