Second League – 2013/14 season completed (Video)

Moment of the Vrapchishte - Tiverija game; photo: Vrapchishte fbTiverija is the last team to officially get relegated, while Miravci, Zajazi and Pobeda Junior will enter the play-offs.

The season in the Second League ended with today’s games of the last 30th round. As previously known, Sileks and Teteks were promoted with Sileks winning the trophy (a video of the trophy receiving is available under the text). Both promoted teams ended the season with wins: Sileks beat Lokomotiva, while Teteks outplayed third-placed Skopje.

The last team that got relegated is Tiverija from Strumica. They needed a win against Vrapchishte on the neutral field in Struga (as Vrapchishte’s home ground is suspended), but the popular Ajax managed to stay in race until the 54th minute when the hosts opened the score. Later they added two more for a final 3:0 win. Tiverija missed a great opportunity to survive as the result from the game Pobeda Junior – Drita was in their favor with the hosts losing 0:2 on half-time and then 1:3 after the final whistle.

In a direct duel for avoiding the relegation play-offs, Shkupi beat Zajazi with 4:2. Miravci celebrated a Pyrrhic victory away to Madjari Solidarnost as all of their rivals won. Therefore Miravci together with Zajazi and Pobeda Junior will enter the play-off for filling the Second League together with the five winners of the third leagues. Only 2 of these 8 teams will play in the Second League next season. On the other hand, the teams of Skopje, Drita, Vrapchishte and Shkupi finished in the safe zone and together with First League relegated Gostivar, Napredok, Makedonija Gjorche Petrov and Gorno Lisiche will participate in the season 2014/15 of the Second League.

In the last match Novaci beat 11 Oktomvri 3:2 with the visitors playing with 10 men for 63 minutes as their keeper Gonovski got a red card for making two penalties (the first was missed). It is interesting that in this game the second goal for Novaci was scored by 40-year old former national team defender Goran Stavrevski (40 caps) with a great shot from the edge of the box. Both teams are relegated together with Borec, Lokomotiva, Madjari Solidarnost and Tiverija, while Rufeja is sent to a fourth league by a FFM decision.

Sileks’ captain Stojanche Velinov receives the trophy:

Shkupi – Zajazi 4:2 (3:1)
27′ Fisnik Zuka, 39′, 89′ Emir Shabani, 32′ Ernest Osmani – 40′ Bujar Ibraimi, 79′ Murat Adili

Pobeda Junior – Drita 1:3 (0:2)
68′ Aleksandar Cheshelkovski – 41′ Brendim Rushiti, 44′, 85′ Valmir Jonuzi

Teteks – Skopje 3:0 (1:0)
18′ Dragan Nachevski, 70′ Filip Petkovski, 72′ Robert Lazarovski

Sileks – Lokomotiva 2:1 (1:1)
18′, 51′ Nikolcho Gjorgiev – 6′ Jordancho Djipunov

Madjari Solidarnost – Miravci 0:3 (0:2)
28′ Tome Mizhorov, 38′ Krste Todorov, 68′ Mile Kostovski

Novaci – 11 Oktomvri 3:2 (2:0)
29′ (pen) Ilche Talevski, 34′ Goran Stavrevski, 61′ Joco Gjorgjovski – 66′ Nikolche Sharkoski, 70′ Martin Nikovikj

Vrapchishte – Tiverija 3:0 (0:0)
54′, 72′ Ertan Hasan, 64′ (pen) Shaban Suliman

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