Round 6: Metalurg awarded 3:0 win over Vardar

FFM awarded the controversial game between Metalurg and Vardar as a 3:0 win for Metalurg.

The Round 6 game that caused so much discussion in the media and among the fans eventually got registered by the Football Federation of Macedonia as a 3:0 win for Metalurg.

The game, which originally finished in a 2:2 draw, was appealed by Metalurg as they alleged that Vardar fielded an ineligible player in striker Anotnio Bujchevski (who even scored the first Vardar goal).  The problem was that Bujchevski was released from his Gorno Lisiche, his former team, contract on 26 August, but still played for that club two days later when Gorno Lisiche lost 1:2 against Renova.  According to FFM’s statute, the release of a contract does not become valid if the player suits up for a club after the date of issue (in this case he played for Gorno Lisiche two days after he was to be released from his contract).  However, Bujchevski’s papers somehow went unnoticed not just by his new club Vardar, but also by Gorno Lisiche and FFM as well.  The local OFS Kisela Voda, whose member is Gorno Lisiche, the OFS Gazi Baba, whose member is Vardar, and FFM all missed the mistake which led Bujchevski to suit up for Vardar in the Metalurg game in their Round 6 matchup.

This is a very strange and, quite frankly, embarrassing situation not only for Vardar but also the other parties involved as well.  FFM, certainly not lacking guilt, still decided to punish Vardar by awarding Metalurg with an automatic 3:0 win.  Vardar, not happy with the decision, will appeal FFM’s ruling to UEFA’s court.

With this green table win, Metalurg is now second with only a point behind the leaders Bregalnica Shtip, while Vardar went a place down and is now seventh. Full table here.

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