Resignation maybe?!?!

Mirsad Jonuz Taking responsibility for one’s actions is not a virtue. It’s common sense. So is in every profession in this world. Well, except when being a coach of the Macedonian national football team.

Halfway through the qualifiers for the EURO 2012 we are stuck on the 5th position in the group with absolutely no prospect of moving up the ladder. I’ve been following this team since the historic first qualifier for the Euro 96 against Denmark and I do not remember that we were ever in a worse situation. It makes no sense to mention that since the current manager took over, our position on the FIFA World Ranking has also seriously been shattered and we are now on the 83rd place, in the same bag with teams like Canada, Uganda and Moldova. An achievement to be proud of I must add ironically.

In Dublin against Ireland, the Macedonians played well. Quite well. I really do not remember when was the last time we had 5 good players on the pitch (probably against England on Old Trafford). Being an equal opponent to Ireland away is far from shameful. Noveski was being a real anchor in our defense, with our midfield seriously strengthened with the presence of Demiri. Popov just proved how good player he is, and Trickovski and Pandev seemed strong in the last third of the pitch. In general the match was lost by the goalkeeper. Two serious mistakes is enough to kick you out of any U18 team in the world, and not to mention professional football. I seriously doubted the call of Nuredinoski as being our first choice on goalkeeper, and this point was proven on this match. Another thing that makes me frustrated is playing Sikov as right defender. Fuckin’ hell, it is enough to see the way he is physically built to get a clear picture that he would be powerless when covering Aiden MacGeady. I saw him play one match of the Europa League this season, and I can tell you he is a bloody brilliant player. Sikov, being slow and clumsy was simply outclassed. I do not understand what the fuck was Jonuz thinking when distributing tasks for this match. And Sikov is a good player. But when playing on his natural position. In central defense.

altNow I am not a football expert, I am not even a journalist to be honest. I am crying out loud through this text as a simple fan. A supporter whose ass has seen tens of thousands of kilometers for this national team. And for spending my entire youth following the Macedonian National team, I am entitled to criticize, and to ask for someones responsibility. We cannot change twenty players. This is more or less, the entire decent quality we have, but when things are not working it is the boss that needs to take responsibility. The comments how we played well, but we were unlucky simply don’t work anymore. In real life almost doesn’t count. Previous coaches had results, and the only thing Jonuz managed to do halfway through is to beat Andorra. I pick any kid with 5 games experience on any version of Football Manager as coach, and we will beat Andorra. We don’t need Jonuz for that. Fuck, my younger bro could do it, and with 26 he still has difficulties understanding the offside rule. Some other retarded comments stated on the press conference after the match, as transmitted by the media, are not even worth mentioning. Jonuz should also learn that being a national team managers carries other responsibilities about behavior and moral obligations. Being careful what comes out of your mouth being one of them. In every normal nation, he would have resigned long time ago, but he stubbornly refuses to do so, claiming there is no one better !?!?!?! That is a cocky thing to say, you know.

I doubted his appointment from the very beginning. Even though previously we had also suspicious appointments on this position, take a look at Jonuz’s footballing CV. It is completely empty! How the fuck did he deserve to manage the national team? In the back of my head I have the names of at least ten people who deserve more to be on that position and for whom I am certain will provide better results. This qualifying cycle is lost. The best option for all of us is Jonuz to resign, and we bring someone new who in the remaining matches can rectify what Jonuz managed to fuck up in this team in order to be more competitive for the next cycle. Resignation is what I want!

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not turning against our national team. I have been on the next match after they fixed the match and lost to Andorra in La Vella , and after they drew in Liechtenstein, and I will always be there cause my loyalty to this team is bigger than any failed manager sitting on it’s bench. In the meantime I can only hope that we will have a new coach by the next game already. Until then, I remain faithful

To my club and country!

The author has been following FC Vardar since 1988 and the Macedonian national team since 1993, traveling almost throughout the entire European Continent in search of football glory. Unfortunately, two decades later, his mission remains yet to be fulfilled.

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