Renovations begin at Pelister’s stadium

The grass will be replacedWith help from UEFA’s HatTrick programme, the first part of the stadium’s renovation began on Wednesday.

After several months of inaction, which led to frustration for Pelister fans, renovations finally got underway at the “Pod Tumbe Kafe” stadium in Bitola. The first part of the project will see the grass completely replaced and a proper drainage system installed.

The project also calls for the construction of new stands, which should increase capacity to 12,000 seats, upgrades to the locker room and the addition of floodlights so Pelister can play night games. The UEFA HatTrick programme will cover 800,000 Euros of the renovation, while the rest of it will come from the municipality of Bitola.

Reading comments on message boards, Pelister fans are still skeptical. They call this step like putting lipstick on a pig. The stadium is in terrible condition, especially the areas surrounding it. That includes the entrances to the stadium which detract fans from coming to watch Pelister play.

Pelister will play the rest of their home games this season at the “Goce Delchev” stadium in nearby Prilep.

On Thursday, renovations will also begin at the stadium in Tetovo. That was supposed to start today, but it was pushed back to tomorrow since Renova hosted Rabotnichki at that venue for a cup match. The three tenants of that stadium, Shkendija, Renova and Teteks, will all host games elsewhere during the renovations. As a reminder, Teteks had already been playing its home games in Skopje.

Work got underway in Tetovo as well

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