Predrag being interviewed

Rangjelovikj agrees to deal with Dalkurd

Predrag being interviewedFormer national team member Predrag Rangjelovikj signed a 2-year contract with Swedish third division club Dalkurd.

Midfielder Predrag Rangjelovikj was playing national team football 18 months ago, but now he will be suiting up for a club in the Swedish third division. It is yet another disappointing transfer for a Macedonian player.

Rangjelovikj joined Dalkurd as a free agent after Minsk, a club from Belarus, decided not to bring him back. He ended up only spending one season at Minsk.

In an interview with Swedish newspapers, Rangjelovikj blamed agents for duping him about a supposed transfer to the Netherlands. After that fell through, according to Rangjelovikj, he was forced to join a club where the transfer window was still open. At this stage, that meant his options were very limited since the window is open in only several countries. Sweden was one of them, so that’s how he ended up in the third division of that country.

Rangjelovikj was actually born in Serbia, but he obtained a Macedonian passport while he played for Vardar earlier in his career. He then won call-ups to both the U21 and senior national teams, making three caps for each side. However, with this uninspiring transfer, he will not be getting a look for the foreseeable future. His last cap for Macedonia was in October of 2013 during the 5:1 loss against Serbia.

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