Rabotnicki retro

alt Remember when Rabotnicki hosted Bolton? had an article back then and we would like to remind You of that text.





Several things have changed since then. Rabotnicki are no longer Kometal for one. UEFA Cup is now known as UEFA Europa League. Liverpool are Rabotnicki’s opponents now, instead of Bolton. Of course, these calculations are not official but are pretty close to actual. Now, we will let You do the math how lucrative will Liverpool’s visit to Skopje be for Rabotnicki. Have in mind that this will be Liverpool’s first match with the new coach and new signings in the new season. Have in mind that this Rabotnicki probably has smaller budget than the one that carried Kometal in his name. And, with all due respect to Bolton, but we are talking Liverpool here. Rabotnicki will earn a lot and they absolutely deserved it. And, who knows? This is football, they might get lucky and pose real problems to Liverpool. We know Macedonia did to England couple of times.

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