Rabotnicki – Inter Baku preview

 The return leg of the first round of UEFA champions league qualification match between Rabotnicki and Inter Baku is scheduled for tomorrow. The first match ended with a scoreless draw.

After the first match played in Azerbaijan it was visible that Rabotnicki are not the same team from last season. Despite the squad is still solid one, the players still need time for adapting to the new style of play with the new team-manager. Inter Baku played good football in the first match but they didnt managed to use their several 100% chances and the result remained 0-0. Rabotnicki was concentrated on the defense in that match and managed to keep a clean sheet. However, in this match they must do the same thing. If they happen to concede, then it will be way harder for them to bounce back because they will need two goals, at least.

The starting 11 will probably be more-or-less the same with couple of changes being the fact that Mihajlovic most probably wont be able to play, while Sekulovski can get a chance right from the beggining. In the opponents squad it is still an open question whether team's best scorer from last season Mamedov will be able to play tomorrow.

Bookies have set Rabotnicki as the favorites for this match with 1.85 odds for their win. 3.35 are the odds if we see another draw and 3.65 is what you get if Baku wins and you had placed a bet on them. Whether the match will finish with less than 2 goals (or exactly 2), or 3 or more goals, most bookies dont make a difference and the odds for either bet are around 1.85. 

Same as in the first match when the doors on Tofik Bahramov Stadium were open for everyone and the entrance was free, which proved to be good thing for the hosts as there were 15.000 people on the stadium, Rabotnicki's management have chosen to do the same thing and tomorrow no tickets will be charged for this match. There will also be live broadcast on A2 national television.

The match starts at 17.00 CET and referee will be Asaf Kenan from Israel. His assistants will be Israelis Danny Krasikow and Eitan Greenberg.

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