Preview: Round 16

Vardar - Pobeda 03.08.2008Three rounds till the end of the autumn part and this will be the first round with officially 10 teams after the disqualification of Makedonija and Sloga J.

After the chaotic several days in the Macedonian football, the championship is back with a weekend round. Three till the end with 10 teams left. Makedonija and Sloga are no longer in the first league although their right to appeal still remains. The table got a brand new look after the disqualification and some teams profited, some teams lost. Dzidzi’s Metalurg got to the third place, Pobeda risen on the 6th, Vardar are in the play-out zone, Pelister lost three points and instead of being behind Rabotnicki only three points (if they had won over Milano) they are now 9 points behind them and got new rivals in the battle for the third place ( Metalurg and Turnovo).

The rebel teams Makedonija Gjorche Petrov and Sloga Jugomagnat should have played amongst each other this round, but that match can only happen as a friendly now, as they played several times so far.

Rabotnicki – Turnovo Horizont

Rabotnicki were 5 points behind Renova, with the administrative procedure they are only 2 behind. Turnovo are in the battle for the third place that leads to Europa League. In their mutual matches, Rabotnicki is dominant and after the two consecutive defeats they will need a match for bouncing back. Maybe Turnovo Horizont is the right opponent for that.

Renova – Pelister

Pelister are in an excellent form and this will be their ultimate test for this part of the season. The leaders on their home pitch in Tetovo where they are invincible. Renova’s win in Gjorche is now no good and they will need points if they would like to keep the first place. Renova has a score of 7 wins in the last 10 matches against Pelister, however Pelister has managed to stay undefeated against many teams this season away from home with their excellent defense.

Pobeda – Vardar

A match between two former champions and a derby much expected by both sets of fans. Both teams are far from their glorious past and as weird as it may seems it will not be a mistake if we write that Vardar managed to steal a point from Renova last round, although they played at home. Vardar are now in the red zone meaning they desperately need points, while Pobeda could have had 19 points if it wasn’t for the 3 points deduction in the beginning of the championship. The matches between these two had always been exciting and evenly-contested.

Metalurg – Teteks

With only one league match in charge of Metalurg, Nikola Ilievski-Dzidzi managed to get the club to the third place. Of course, it is not his ‘fault’, but Metalurg, one way or another, are in a Europa league position. At the same time, Metalurg got eliminated from the cup from second-league side FK Skopje and should now only focus on the championship. Teteks are pure visitors and their points are mainly being won at home. They are only one point above Vardar and need points but this will be  a tough visit for them. Metalurg have started playing more offensively and in the last match against Sileks away from home managed to win 0-1 after starting with three strikers up front.

Milano – Sileks

Milano won three points against Pelister, but of course they were not won at the stadium. In the last match Milano had a 0-1 lead against Turnovo but remained with two players less and understandingly lost 3-1. This time they host Sileks but with the suspended players hardly can be a match for any opponent. 14 defeats in 15 matches and 1 administrative victory are simply – nothing. has an offer of all matches this round excluding Milano against Sileks. According to the odds, in all 4 matches the home teams are favorites. A combination of all 4 home teams wins give odds of (only) 2.83. Are all those matches going to end in a home win? Possibly, but if we are to rate them in some kind of confidence which of the home teams are most likely to win, then we will put Rabotnicki on the first place as favorites, then Metalurg, then Pobeda and in the end Renova. You can choose what you can play, or you can wait for NordicBet’s extended offer which contains ‘number of goals’ bets.

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