Macedonian Cup final 2013

Preview: Cup final 2013

Macedonian Cup final 2013The Cup final this year features the Derby of Tetovo between Teteks and Shkendija.

Wednesday at 20.30 CET will be played the 21st edition of the Macedonian Cup final. Teteks and Shkendija are the two teams that managed to get this far, the very same teams that make one of the greatest Macedonian derbies, the Derby of the city of Tetovo. Both share the Gradski stadium Tetovo, but this time, like never before will match their forces at the National Arena Philip II of Macedon in Skopje. The winner of the Macedonian Cup will feature in the qualifications for the UEFA Europa League.

When it comes to the squads, Teteks will have captain Filip Despotovski who’s suspension is over, but Vladimir Sekuloski is doubtful while Nikola Karchev and Robert Lazarovski are injured. On the other side, at Shkendija there are less problems as only Bunjamin Shabani is doubtful.

On the press-conference a day before the game, both captains expressed their wishes for claiming the trophy.

“We have a big respect for Teteks. We the players are great friends outside the field and therefore I expect a fair play on the field, but also a fair cheering by the fans. I wish to complete our trophy colection as we miss only the only from the Cup.” said Shkendija’s captain Muhamed Huseini who so far has collected the First League and Super Cup trophies.

“A dream to every player is to lift the Cup trophy. So far I haven’t been able to taste that joy so I hope that now is the moment to achieve that. We respect Shkendija, they have a good team from which we will have to take good care of Ejupi, Polozhani and Berisha. We have to stop those three if we want to succeed.” were the words of Teteks’ captain Filip Despotovski.

Both teams have experienced playing in the Cup final. In fact, for Teteks this will be their third appearance in the last 4 years. In 2010 they celebrated 3:2 over Rabotnichki in the very same stadium, while next year they were defeated 2:0 by Metalurg in a final played in Prilep. Shkendija played once in the big final back in 2006 when they lost 3:2 by Makedonija Gjorche Petrov with a goal scored in the 3rd minute of the injury time.

It is interesting that both teams are undefeated in the Cup so far. Their road to the final:

Shkendija Teteks
Plachkovica 3:0 awarded
Bregalnica Shtip 1:0 & 1:0
Metalurg 1:0 & 5:1
Vardar 0:0 & 1:1
Ohrid 7:2
Lokomotiva 2:0 & 7:0
Renova 0:0 & 1:0
Sileks 1:0 & 2:0

This season in the First League Shkendija and Teteks already played all the three games. Teteks won twice (3:0 and 2:1), while Skendija once (4:1). Teteks got relegated.

The tickets for the game are very cheap: 120 Denars (€2) for the North and South, while 60 Denars (€1) for the East and West. Main referee will be Aleksandar Stavrev with the assistants Marjan Kirovski and Dushko Miloshevski (all three from Skopje), while fourth official will be Nikola Karakolev (from Shtip). MTV will broadcast a live coverage of the game.

Early at 17.30 is the kick-off of the Youth Cup final between Renova and Metalurg at the same stadium.

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