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Player Ratings: Macedonia – Slovakia 1:1

Player RatingsAfter the 1:1 draw at home against Slovakia to conclude the disappointing EURO 2012 qualifications, we compiled the player ratings of the Macedonian national team.  We tried to be objective and judge the players based on today’s game.  Keep in mind that a rating of 6.0 is considered average.

Martin Bogatinov: Was not tested for the majority of the game but made a terrible play in the 54th minute for the lone goal by Slovakia.  Why did he leave his goal when Sikov was by himself and getting ready to clear the ball?  Sikov saw Bogatinov and then timidly sent his header in a bad psoition which led to the lone goal for the visitors.  Bogatinov did make amends with a couple of fine saves in the 58th and 62nd minute to keep Macedonia in the game but the error was just unacceptable. 5.0

Daniel Mojsov: Mojsov did fine playing as one of the three defenders.  Picked up an early yellow card for a bad challenge to prevent a counter attack for Slovakia.  The defense was organized for the most part and Mojsov did win most of his duels and can be pleased with his performance. 6.5

Vance Sikov: Sikov did some good things but that will be forgotten because of the goal by Slovakia in the 54th minute.  Sikov was getting ready to clear the ball but then Bogatinov came rushing at him and Vance was caught in no man’s land.  His header ultimately reached Juraj Piroska who then scored the lone goal for Slovakia into an empty net. 5.0

Nikolce Noveski: Solid performance by the captain Nikolce Noveski.  Scored the lone goal for Macedonia in the 79th minute with a header following a corner kick.  Did fine on defense by keeping the Slovak attackers quiet for the majority of the game except the ten minute stretch after the visitors took the lead in the 54th minute. 7.0

Vlade Lazarevski: Pretty quiet in the 1st half but did better after the break.  Had some good crosses but then became too selfish in the 72nd minute when he attempted a shot from a difficult angle instead of sending a low cross in the box. 5.5

Muhamed Demiri: Demiri spent much of his time helping out the three men defense.  He stayed back and did well to break up possession for Slovakia.  He did not contribute offensively but that was not his job so he did okay in this game. 6.0

Mario Gjurovski: Mario came close to scoring in the 26th minute but his shot from the edge of the area went just wide of the goal.  He has some good moments and worked hard but lost his effectiveness as the game went on. 6.0

Aleksandar Lazevski: He did not look comfortable playing in an advanced position down the left flank.  He squandered some good chances by making bad passes or waiting too long to make a decision.  Substituted in the 64th minute for striker Filip Ivanovski. 5.0

Vlatko Grozdanoski: Made his 50th appearance for Macedonia but was not effective in the 1st half and Toshack took him out at the start of the 2nd half by bringing on Robert Petrov. 5.0

Ivan Trickovski: Along with Noveski, Trickovski was the best player for Macedonia.  He erased the disappointing performance against Armenia by playing with a lot of energy and encouraging his teammates.  Made some great runs from the left by easily going past Slovak players and won the corner that led to the goal.  He also took the corner in which Noveski scored the equalizing goal for Macedonia.  Tricko almost scored a goal in the 32nd minute but his free kick was saved by the diving Slovak keeper.  Could have received a higher grade but he played about 20 minutes on the right wing in the 2nd half and was not as effective. 7.0

Samir Fazli: Samir did fine in his first start for Macedonia.  Played the great ball over the top to Gjurovski in the 26th minute that almost resulted in the goal for Macedonia.  Battled, played hard, and should be pleased with his performance. 6.0


Robert Petrov: Came on for Grozdanoski at the start of the 2nd half.  Was not very noticeable and Macedonia struggled in the beginning of the 2nd half. 5.0

Filip Ivanovski: Entered the game in the 64th minute for Aleksandar Lazevski.  Attempted two headers but both of them went well over the goal.  Macedonia did play better after his introduction. 5.5

Aleksandar Trajkovski: Replaced Samir Fazli in the 84th minute.  Did not play enough minutes to qualify for a rating.  His presence on the bench was very confusing because Toshack said Trajkovski was injured earlier in the week and was not with the national team but there was Trajkovski on the bench and he even made a late substitute appearance. N/A

To be fair, both teams could have struggled to create additional chances because the pitch was in bad condition.  The captain Nikolce Noveski and Ivan Trickovski led the way for Macedonia with good performances. 

Also, before the game, Igor Mitreski was honored with a jersey with the #71 which signifies the number of appearances he made with the national team.  Mitreski is now retired from the national team with the conclusion of the EURO 2012 qualifications.

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