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Player Ratings: Armenia – Macedonia 4:1

Player RatingsAfter the heavy 4:1 loss against Armenia, we compiled the player ratings of the Macedonian national team.  We tried to be objective and judge the players based on today’s game.  Keep in mind that a rating of 6.0 is considered average.

Martin Bogatinov: Conceded four goals and none of the goals were soft as Armenia scored three goals from close range and one on a great shot from the edge of the area.  However, he looked shaky dealing with crosses and does not seem to exude confidence in his teammates. 4.5

Daniel Georgievski: Made a good cross in the 11th minute that was misplayed by striker Filip Ivanovski in the box.  His other crosses were mishit and Toshack substituted him early in the 51st minute by bringing on Vlade Lazarevski. 4.0

Vance Sikov: Scored the lone goal for Macedonia.  Sikov has now scored two of the seven goals for Macedonia in EURO 2012 qualifying despite bring a defender.  Had some good moments in the first 25 minutes but the defense as a whole struggled for the rest of the game. 5.0

Nikolce Noveski: Marked well early in the game and made some important clearances.  However, on the first goal for Armenia, his marker easily went past him and Noveski was not his usual self. Did attempt one shot from long range that gave some problems to the Armenian keeper. 4.5

Goran Popov:  Just as guilty as Noveski on the first goal.  The opponent was on his side and Popov let him go before the Armenian player caused havoc and set up his teammate for a goal.  Made some runs but Toshack will expect more from Popov. 4.5

Velice Sumulikoski: He put an exclamation point to his terrible night by receiving a red card in the 53rd minute.  Macedonia struggled with creativity in midfield and this performance will lead to more criticism of Sumulikoski by Macedonian fans. 3.0

Muhamed Demiri:  Demiri played all 90 minutes but he was not much better than the other midfielders.  He was playing well in his first couple of caps for Macedonia but has since been very disappointing.  Was hardly noticeable for the majority of the game. 4.0

Muarem Muarem: Lost the ball on too many occasions and it was not surprising that Toshack substituted him at halftime.  Could not add creativity in midfield. 3.5

Ivan Trickovski: Very disappointing game by Trickovski.  He seemed visibly frustrated with his teammates and lost the ball on numerous occasions.  He did not have much help up front but Trickovski failed to make a difference in the game. 4.5

Mirko Ivanovski: He tries, battles but the end result is just not good enough.  He had some chances but his shots did not threaten the opposing keeper.  Picked up a yellow card which is his second of the competition so he is suspended for the Slovakia game. 4.5

Filip Ivanovski: Had the best chances for Macedonia but the finishing was not good enough.  Should have done better in the 11th minute but he missed on his sliding attempt in front of goal.  Then in the 47th minute, he was through on goal but sent his shot over the goal.  Sacrificed in the 60th minute when Toshack brought on Igor Mitreski. 4.0


Mario Gjurovski: Came on for Muarem at the start of the 2nd half.  Did not add creativity as Macedonia continued the bad play in the 2nd half. 4.0

Vlade Lazarevski: His crosses from the right were more consistent than Georgievski.  Did provide the assist on the lone goal as his corner reached Sikov who scored with his header.  However, his defense was not good on the right side. 4.5

Igor Mitreski: Huge mistake on the fourth goal when his intended pass for Noveski was intercepted and it led to an easy goal for Armenia.  Could have been his last appearance in a Macedonia uniform since he announced his retirement after the conclusion of the EURO 2012 qualifiers. 3.5

Overall, the highest rated played was Vance Sikov at 5.0 which is still below average.  He scored the lone goal for Macedonia and seemed to be only one still trying near the end of the game.  The result speaks for itself.  The performance was not good enough and Armenia certainly deserves credit for their play but there must be accountability by the manager and players for today’s result.

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