Partizan passes on signing Damchevski

Damchevski playing in a friendly; photo: PartizanAleksandar Damchevski will not be joining Partizan after the Serbian giant opted not to sign the central defender.

Aleksandar Damchevski was on trial at Partizan for just over two weeks. Obviously, for a player to be tested that long, the team must have wrestled with the final decision. On Friday, we learned what that was as Partizan chose not to sign Damchevski.

The 22-year-old central defender, therefore, remains a free agent. He will now look to latch on elsewhere, but surely Damchevski and his camp will be extremely disappointed. Aleksandar spent over two weeks with the club, but nothing happened in the end.

This late in the process, clubs only add players that can raise the quality of the team. It’s mid-September and most transfer business has been done. So, Partizan must have concluded that Damchevski would not be an upgrade over their other center-backs on the roster.

Damchevski was recommended to Partizan by Nebojša Gudelj, the coach that signed Aleksandar at NAC Breda. Gudelj was later dismissed by the Dutch team, but he believed in Damchevski. Thus, with Gudelj being a former Partizan player that had ties to the club, he encouraged them to test Damchevski.

Partizan certainly did their due diligence, but Damchevski must now move on and not look back. He needs to find a new team as quickly as possible to get his career back on track.

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