Pandev confirms he will play another season

Goran Pandev officially confirmed that he will not be retiring this summer and will play another season, at Genoa.

photo by: Pegaso Newsport


It was expected t hear such words from Goran Pandev as the EURO 2020 was moved for 2021 with Macedonian still hoping for reaching it. In an interview for Sky Sport our captain gave the following statement:

“I want to play another season because my dream was to end my career after the European championship that, as you know, got postponed. I thought to retire this years, but the coronavirus tragedy shattered everything.”

The semi-final play off for reaching the next EURO was twice postponed. As scheduled at the moment, Macedonia will host Kosovo on 5 September with the winner traveling to Georgia/Belarus for the final.

Despite confirming that he will play another season, Goran also talked about what he will do after ending his career.

“I hope that very soon we will be back with our normal lives although this lockdown period gave me an opportunity to spend time with my kids. After I finish my career I won’t be a coach, instead I may take some other club role or even collaborate with my agents. Also, I would like to help the young players in my country, Macedonia.”

Pandev also admitted that the rumors that he was offered to come back playing for Inter this January were true.

“Inter is everything for me, it is the club that brought me in Italy and changed my life. There was a contact but I knew what I was going to do since the beginning of the season. [Sporting director Piero] Ausilio called me on the second to last day of the transfer window. He offered me to play the second half-season and then to take a role at the club. I asked him if he was making fun of me, I joked and told him to look for younger players. Later I spoke with [Genoa CEO Alessandro] Zarbani who said ‘Goran, don’t even think about that’. But I never wanted to leave in the first place.

Postponing his retirement means that Pandev has a huge change to enter the Club 100 as he is currently on 92 Serie A goals, 8 behind the magical number.

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