Pandev and Mourinho while at Inter; photo: AP

Pandev attacks FIFA for voting fraud

Pandev and Mourinho while at Inter; photo: AP“I voted for Mourinho and then my vote went to del Bosque” Goran Pandev explains the strange events over his votes for best coach for 2012.

In an interview for Spanish media La Sexta, Goran Pandev announces that strange things are happening at FIFA when it comes to the voting for best coach of the year.

“I voted for Mourinho, always for him. Strange things are happening. I called him and I told him that as captain of Macedonia I gave my vote to him, but then something had happened and my vote went to del Bosque. He was a bit disappointed, but we all know that there are some strange things… and we can’t change that. I never spoke with anyone at FIFA, who could I speak with?” said Pandev.

Officially, these are Pandev’s votes for best coach of the year 2012 by FIFA:

1. Vincente del Bosque
2. Roberto Mancini
3. Jürgen Klopp

José Mourinho is not even among the three. Also, Pandev isn’t the only one who blames FIFA for fraud. Earlier, the national team manager of Gabon, Paulo Duarte, who is a Portuguese, said that he never had the chance to vote as the Gabonese Football Federation gave him the voting lists after the deadlock. Same happened to another Portuguese, the coach of Guinea-Bussau, Carlos Manuel. Both would have voted for their countryman, Mourinho.

To watch a video of Pandev’s short interview on this topic, click here. (Italian audio with Spanish subtitles)


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