Ohrid disqualified!

OhridAfter not appearing in two matches, Ohrid has been disqualified by the FFM and next season will have to start from the lowest division.

Second League side Ohrid from the same called city is living it’s worst nightmare. after not travelling to skopje to face Lokomotiva last week, last round Ohrid played only the first half against Skopje and than vanished. The players never returned from the locker room in what happened to be the club’s last game this season.

The Football Federation of Macedonia has punished the club according to the rules: for not playing in two games in one season, the club is sent into the lowest division. The rest of its games will be awarded 3:0 to the opposing teams.

With four remaining rounds, these are the future awarded games:

Babi – Ohrid 3:0
Ohrid – Miravci 0:3
Novaci – Ohrid 3:0
Ohrid – Madjari Solidarnost 0:3

The team last season played in the First League and had great results untill half season. Later the club’s board managed to destroy everything that was built, selling most of the players and buying cheap foreign amateurs that than left the club before the season finale.

The current season was marked by some high-scoring negative results that resulted with bottom place for most of the season. Ohrid was already relegated into the Third League South-West, but now will have to play in the Fourth League (OFL Ohrid). There are some rumors that the club will fuse with other club and will start from the Third League, but what will happen we will have to wait and see.

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