NL: Macedonia – Georgia 1:1 (Video)

Macedonia and Georgia once again played a 1:1 draw, this time Macedonia got a penalty to equalize in the stoppage time.

photo by GFF: moment of the match

Coach Igor Angelovski opted to start with Dimitrievski at the goal, Ristevski, Velkovski and Zajkov in the back line, Alioski, Kostadinov, Nikolov and Ristovski in the midfield, Pandev and Trichkovski behind striker Nestorovski.

The opening half passes with pretty much cautions from both sides with the play being in the midfield. Even no team managed to hit the target even once.

Macedonia had a couple of chances in the last minutes of the first 45 minutes, both coming after corner kicks. First Velkovski’s header was blocked into another corner from which Pandev came closest to scoring, but his header passed near the left bar.

Two good chances right after the break on both sides. First Dimitrievski denied Daushvili who fired from the edge of the box, while late Nikov sent a great shot from 20 meters, but Loria was careful.

In the 67th minute keeper Dimitrievski played with hand outside the box and the Polish referee sent him off.

The visitors needed six minute to score on a player advantage. Kvaratskhelia dribbled past two Macedonians and fired in the back of the net.

Once again after Tallinn the Macedonians had to trail a negative score. This time it was a penalty kick that brought the equalizer. Zajkov was brought down in the box in the 3rd injury minute and Alioski successfully converted the penalty.

Since Estonia and Armenia also played a 1:1 draw in the other match in our group, Round 4 did not bring changes on the standings.

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  1. Reply Post By Dejan

    After. Watching all 3 games I came to this conclusion and this is where the manager to blame first of all the number 1 keeper should be Mitov Nilsson who is level above Dimitrieski however we know because of his manger long standing friendship he got ride of Mitov Nilsson all together to give his “boys” dimitreski anc siskovski the clear path it’s clear as the sky and it’s hurting us in getting good results
    Next is the midfield where there is 0 creative work that’s because he refuses to call up David babunski who everybody knows can hold the ball anc pull the strings and create chances from the central midfield David is the best we have in that position and I’m sure we whould look a much better creative side with him feeding players like elmas and bardi and will give them more freedom up front
    The third position is striker it’s clear that the Manger falling out with jahovic has hurt the scoring of the national team I’m not saying jahovic don’t share the blame but he is a big strong striker who can hold the ball and is someone who is a target men in the box nestorovski and trickoksi will never be that and have not performed in that position for over 2 years now , I truly believe with a better foreign manger we whould be playing not only better football but getting wins against Armenia , Estonia and Georgia not barely getting draws it’s clear the Manger tactics and player selection are a big problem at lest that what I have noticed the last 4-5 games it’s very obvious ( keeper , centre midfield and striker ) are unsolved issues and maybe even left back as alioski is wasted there give either zuta or Amanoic A chance cause kire risteski isn’t no we’re good enough to be on the national team anyhow good luck next months games

    1. Reply Post By Filip Zdraveski

      Nilsson definitely should be in the squad, at least as the 2nd choice. but since at the moment he is our most in form keeper, he should even be #1. I really dont understand why Angelovski isnt calling him anymore and how can he play Shishko. no, I cant understand that!

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