Nilsson: It seems no matter how good I am, I will not be summoned

The saga of David Mitov Nilsson in the Macedonian national team continues as even the new coach continued what Angelovski was doing to him – David despite his qualities is still not in the team.

photo by Jesper Zerman/Bildbyrån: David Mitov Nilsson


Macedonia has a great back up keeper to Stole Dimitrievski, yet for years he is not receiving a call. For most Macedonian football fans David Mitov Nilsson must be the second keeper in the national team, but first former coach Igor Angelovski erased him from the national team, and now his successor Blagoja Milevski twice left him behind.

Nilsson, who picked up only 1 cap so far, played for Sweden before deciding to switch for Macedonia, after the Football Federation of Macedonia convinced him to switch as his mother hails from the village of Rosoman, hence his surname Mitov. His father is Swedish.

“I don’t know what to say. I have no idea why I was left behind after my debut appearance. I haven’t got any explanation nor anyone called me to tell me why I was not summoned all these years and before the EURO. I was constantly ignored, they stopped calling several years now. There were some speculations that I had opted not to represent Macedonia anymore, which is absolutely not true. I always came in the national team with great pleasure. Why I am not there anymore you have to ask elsewhere.” – says Nilsson in an interview with Ekipa, which you can read (in Macedonian only) by clicking here.

He agrees that currently Stole Dimitrievski is the best Macedonian keeper, but he feels that he should be his back up. In late August, when Milevski announced hos first squad list, just second after the names were released Nilsson reacted on Twitter:

“Stole is a great keeper, he is great in the national team and he deserves to be first choice. However, it is my opinion that I deserve to be among the three national team keepers. I follow the national team, I do not want to undermine anyone, I have respect for everyone, but I think that I had to be at least summoned all these years. I was simply forgotten.”

When Milevski substituted Angelovski on the bench, everyone expected that he would bring in all those players that Angelovski ignored. He did bring back Jahovikj and added Miovski, but Nilsson got left behind yet again, without any explanation.

Now, he has lost every hope that he would be a Macedonian national team player again. He has the ambition for that, but seeing how keepers with lower qualities than him are being summoned, it is highly unlike that he will be included again.

“Honestly, I don’t believe anymore. I have the feeling that no matter in what form I am, I will not be summoned and I can’t even say how disappointed that makes me. I accepted the offer to play for Macedonia with such an honor, but then I got largely disappointed because I got forgotten. It is not true that I have given up, but I do not think I will get summoned again.” – concludes Nilsson.

He is now 30-years-old and is currently playing for Swedish top flight side Sirius. Last time he was in the national team was on 16 October 2018 when he sat on the bench ding the 4:0 defeat away to Armenia. Since that he was never summoned again, first because of injuries, later none knows why.

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