The front design of the home top; photo: FFM

New national team top for the World Cup qualifiers (PHOTO)

The front design of the home top; photo: FFMThe Macedonian national team will soon present the new top specially created for the upcoming qualifiers.

German sportswear company JAKO, who is the official kit provider of the Macedonian national teams, will soon officialy present the new top. It is specially made for the senior national team to wear it during the qualifications for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The new home design looks great. Finally the sun is added with the center being on the heart where the FFM logo will appear. The sun, which is a symbol of Macedonia since the ancient times, has never been used on the football kits so far.

The away design is white again but red lines and gray sunrays. That is not good. The away top must be yellow as that color is the secondary color on the Macedonian flag, while the white has nothing in common with the country.

A larger look at the home design; photo: FFM

The new away design; photo: FFM

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