Miroslav Vajs facing doping charges

Miroslav Vajs, photo: fkvardar.mkVardar’s central defender Miroslav Vajs is facing a suspension after an alleged positive doping test.

After the derby duel between Vardar and Metalurg earlier this season, Vardar’s players Miroslav Vajs and Filip Petrov were tested for doping and apparently Vajs’ result came back positive. 

Until the second test, Vajs is facing a temporary suspension.  However, if the second test comes back positive too, it is certain he will have a long-term suspension.

Vajs was one of the key players for Vardar this past season. He will now have to wait for the additional results. At the same time, Filip Petrov had no illegal substances in his body.

This is not the first time in Macedonian football that a player is facing doping charges. Just this season, Rabotnichki’s duo of Milovan Petrovikj and Dino Najdoski returned to the playing field after a doping suspension.

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