Metalurg beats Vardar to claim Youth Cup

The young players of Metalurg managed to win the Cup for the second consecutive time after were luckier than Vardar in the penalty shootout.

The Youth Cup final was played on Wednesday as a foreplay to the seniors’ final. Two years in a row the popular Metallurgists win the Youth Cup with the help of penalties. Last year they celebrated 4:3 against Renova after 1:1 in the regular 90 minutes. This year it was very similar.

The first great scoring chance was for Vardar when Silvio Angelkovski’s header hit the post. Metalurg took the lead after a beautiful free kick goal by Mihajlo Mitrev somewhere in the middle of the first half, while few minutes later another unlucky occasion for Vardar as Marko Simjanovski’s shot from around 25 meters hit the bar. Eventually Vardar equalized through substitute Ensar Sulejmani during the 69th minute.

In the penalty shootout Metalurg’s youngsters were better as they scored all of their 5 penalties, while Vardar scored 3 and missed one when keeper Mirzad Durakovikj saved Dimitar Ivanov’s shot in the 2nd serie that later happened to be the decisive moment for the trophy. Latter in the day Metalurg had a chance to win another Cup trophy, but the senior team got defeated by Rabotnichki.

National Arena Philip II of Macedon in Skopje
Vardar – Metalurg 1:1 (0:1)

Goals: 69′ Sulejmani – 27′ Mitrev
Vardar: Janevski (90′ Redjepi); Stojanovski, Nedeski, Serafimovski, Velkovski, Angelovski, Boshevski (67′ Memedi), Simjanovski (63′ Filipovski), Ivanov, Georgievski (46′ Mirchevski), Raspashkovski (58′ Sulejmani).
Metalurg: Durakovikj; Ristovski (68′ Gjorgjievski), Karanfilovski, Ilieski, Digalovski (77′ Shoposki), Naumoski, Ali (42′ Hristov), Mitrov, Chavoli (65′ Jevtovski), Jakimovski, Gjorgjiev (90′ Gjorgjievski).

Vardar 3
Serafimovski O

Ivanov X

Nedeski O
Velkovski O
/ O

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