Martin Bogatinov saved penalty for Karpaty

Goalkeeper Martin Bogatinov saved a penalty for Karpaty during today’s friendly against Spartak Nalchik.

Martin Bogatinov played the 1st half for Karpaty and kept a clean sheet during his 45 minutes of action in today’s friendly against Russian side Spartak Nalchik.  In the 30th minute, Bogatinov was shown a yellow card by the referee after he committed a foul inside the area.  However, Martin saved the penalty when he denied David Siradze and it went for a corner.  At the start of the 2nd half, the Karpaty manager made three substitutions with one them being Bogatinov for fellow keeper Roman Mysak.  Karpaty eventually defeated Spartak Nalchik 2:0 by scoring a goal in each half.

Last month, in mid January to be exact, Karpaty named a new manager in Volodymyr Shamar.  He has been testing four keepers during the last couple of friendlies so Martin will have a chance to reclaim the starting job for Karpaty if he continues to perform well, just like in today’s friendly.

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