Mario Gjurovski plays for club on Saturday

Mario Gjurovski during the friendlyMario Gjurovski, who was withdrawn from the national team due to an apparent injury, played in a friendly for his club on Saturday.

This is another thing that doesn’t make the Macedonian federation look very good. What was the real reason for Mario Gjurovski’s withdrawal from the national team? If he was truly injured, then what explanation can be reached that he played in a friendly for Muangthong United on Saturday?

Mario was in the starting lineup as Muangthong United won 1:0 over Osotspa. He was actually involved in the action that led to the lone goal (see video below at 4:08).

As a reminder, it was announced this past Monday that both Arijan Ademi and Mario Gjurovski (both on the initial national team roster) would be withdrawn from the squad due to injuries. But, was that really the reason when it comes to Gjurovski?

Muangthong United published a photo gallery of the friendly on its Facebook page, and there were several photos of Mario (another one below).

One more photo of Mario

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