Makedonija GjP wins 30th edition of Macedonian Cup (Video)

Makedonija GjP is the winner of this season’s Cup final after defeating Sileks on penalties.

photo by FFM: Makedonija GjP players celebrate the 2022 Cup

Sileks reached their 5th final despite being a second division side this season. For Makedonija GjP it was final number 4.

Makedonija GjP had the possession in the opening half, but failed to create a concrete chance. There were few promising attacks that never ended in a serious effort towards Daniel Bozhinovski’s goal. One such came in after just minutes when Arbi Vosha had an effort, but Bozhinovski easily collected the ball.

The pre-match national anthem; photo: MacedonianFootball

Sileks was trying to create something from counter attacks, but rarely managed. One such occasion came in the 24th minute when Antonio Kalanoski entered the box, but a bit from left and his shot was an easy save for Hristijan Stevkovski. Sileks was very cautious when attacking, often with only 4 players with the others staying back.

That was actually all that happened in the first half and is worth mentioning.

After the break Sileks had a very similar chance. Counter attack resulted with Kalanoski coming on the right, this time fired in the upper angle, but Stevkovski saved giving away a corner kick.

In the 57th minute Sileks had the best chance. Again on counter attack and again Kalanoski, this time from a much better central position. He went one on one with the Lions’ keeper who managed to deflect the ball for a corner.

Four minutes later Burhan Aliji tried on a volley, but the ball went over Sileks’ goal.

In the rest of the regular time Sileks opened a bit which resulted into a more active play from both sides, but no real chances despite both having efforts on goal. The 90 minuted ended goalless so the match went into extra time.

Five minutes into the extra time and Ghanaian striker Godberg Cooper tried on a header, but Bozhinovski was well placed.

Between the two extra time periods Makedonija entroduced veteran player Bobi Bozhinovski, who being 41-year-old is probably the oldest Cup final participant (we will have to check that).

The around 3.000 fans saw no goals even after 120 minutes, so the final went into penalty shoot-out.

Sileks missed twice as Stevkovski claimed saves of Burhan Aliji and Bojan Rajkov, while Makedonija missed once when Jovan Popzlatanov failed to convert a Panenka, so the Lions won the final with 4:3 after penalties. It is the 2nd Cup trophy for them.

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