Macedonian Second League – Round 30

Makedonija GjP wins the Second LeagueSeason end in the Second League: Makedonija GjP and Gostivar are promoted, Skopje and Gorno Lisiche go in the promotion play-offs, while babi in the relegation-play-offs.

Direct duel for promotion was played in Skopje and in an interesting and tight game Makedonija Gjorche Petrov defeated Skopje with 3:2. With this win Makedonija GjP not just gained promotion but also won the league. Makedonija GjP gets back to the First League after the season 2009/10 when they decided to quit the league around half-season. Skopje will have to play in the promotion play-offs against the 10th placed team in the First League.

Another team that got promoted is Gostivar. The team from the city with the same name got promoted for the first time in the club’s history, so big celebration is happening today in Gostivar. They needed a win to secure the 2nd place and they did it with stile, beating Pobeda Junior 5:1.

A direct duel was played in Prilep as well, between Korzo and Babi, but for avoiding the relegation play-off. Korzo was victorious and babi will have to face one of the 5 Third League winners. Lokomotiva could have taken Babi’s play-off place but managed to celebrated away to Vrapchishte with 4:3.

As it was already known, Tikvesh is relegated to the Third League South, Ohrid to the Fourth League, while Gorno Lisiche will play in the promotion play-offs against the 9th placed team from the First League.

Vrapchishte – Lokomotiva 3:4

Makedonija Gjorche Petrov – Skopje 3:2

Korzo – Babi 2:0

11 Oktomvri – Miravci 0:1

Gorno Lisiche – Novaci 3:1

Ohrid – Madjari Solidarnost 0:3 awarded

Gostivar – Pobeda Junior 5:1

Rufeja – Tikvesh 5:0

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